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Welcome to Plymouth!

Situated on the south-west corner of Devon, and separated from Cornwall by the River Tamar, Plymouth is a naval city with a rich maritime history.

It was from Plymouth that the Pilgrim Fathers set out for the New World, and on Plymouth Hoe that Drake heard of the approach of the Spanish Armada. The oldest part of Plymouth is the Barbican, which is also the artists' quarter. It was home to the late Robert Lenkiewicz whose murals adorn 'The House that Jack Built' in Southside Street. Above the Barbican stands the imposing Royal Citadel, built in the 1660's and is still a military establishment today. Another area worth investigating is the Royal William Yard, newly developed, with cafes, bars, restaurants, a museum and art galleries.

Famous Plymothians include: Tom Daley, Robert F Scott (aka. Scott of the Antarctic), Michael Foot, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Sharron Davies, Trevor Francis and Wayne Sleep.


About Naturism

Naturism – or nudism (it's the same thing) – is simply the practice of going without clothes, and is increasing just referred to as a 'clothing optional lifestyle'. There is nothing sexual about it, despite some other websites' use of the word! Indeed naturism actively promotes a 'body positive' image where everyone is the same. It's natural, it's more comfortable and it's healthier for you too. Nothing compares to the exhilaration of swimming naked in the warm sea or the sensation of the sun and the air on your entire body. Plus you get the bonus of an all-over tan!

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Naturism in Plymouth

Since the "Sunwest Club" folded in the late 1990's there had been little for naturists living in and around Plymouth, and in 2012 a Plymouth man, enthused by his first nudist holiday, looked into joining a naturist club in the city. Finding none, he researched the possibility of setting one up, and to his delight discovered dozens of interested people in the area. In a few months, there was enough support to seek a venue for a monthly nude swim, and the inaugural event in April 2013 attracted 23 people from across the area. Plymouth Sun Club was born!

Plymouth Sun Club is not a 'landed club' – it doesn't have its own premises. Instead we hold events at local pools, members' homes, naturist centres and clothing optional beaches in the south west.

We welcome anyone from Plymouth, Cornwall and South West Devon, whether a resident or just on holiday in this part of the country. If you have any questions about the club or naturism in general, please get in touch through our Contact Us page. For information on joining the club and for a downloadable membership form, please see our Club Membership page.

Elsewhere in the South West

Along the coasts of Devon and Cornwall, there are numerous beaches and coves suitable for nude swimming and sunbathing. Devon and Cornwall are also home to some of the country's finest naturist holiday parks. To find out more of what's on offer around the region, please see the Elsewhere page.

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